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Retirement Made Easy

Planning for retirement can be challenging. That’s why we work with our clients to make it easy to plan for life after a career. Pursuing freedom is more than a motto for us; it’s a mission. We want our clients to feel confident about retirement. So far, we’ve helped 135 people transition into retirement, and we’re far from finished.

Do you know someone who is within 10 years of retiring? We want to meet them!

We specialize in helping people who are near or currently in the retirement phase of life by focusing on wealth protection and enhancement, along with a customized wealth management plan.

Our team approach allows us to provide ongoing support and guidance as we help our clients navigate the often daunting terrain of investing and wealth management.



Mark Deering, CFP® provides clients with comprehensive financial plans built for retirement.

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We've helped 135 people transition into retirement already. Join us in pursuing freedom today.