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Meet the Team

Deering Wealth Team is a division of Southwestern Investment Group, an independent Registered Investment Advisory practice. Mark Deering, CFP® provides comprehensive retirement planning services for individuals and families who are nearing retirement, transitioning into retirement, and currently retired.

Mark is supported by Financial Planning Professional, Jackson Wilcox, Client Experience Specialist, Janice Williams, and Client Service Associate, Hannah Patterson.

Through a collaborative team approach, Mark, Jackson, Janice, and Hannah work hard to deliver exceptional service. Click on the pictures below to learn more about Deering Wealth Team!

Deering Wealth Team

Mark G. Deering, CFP®

Executive Vice President, SWIG

James Ridley

Financial Advisor, RJFS

Jackson Wilcox, CPA

Financial Planning Professional, RJFS

Janice Williams

Client Experience Specialist

Hannah Patterson

Client Service Associate

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We've helped 135 people transition into retirement already. Join us in pursuing freedom today.