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Advisor Meetings

Initial Meeting

If this is your first meeting with us, please download our Financial Planning Form.

Review Meeting

If you are coming in for a review meeting, please download our Client Review Meeting Form.

Financial Blogs

Mark’s Retirement Blog

Whether you’re near retirement, in transition, or are already enjoying life after a career, we think you’ll find this retirement blog helpful.

Point of View

Point of View is a curation of financial insights by Raymond James Financial and written with each of the many interconnected facets of your life in mind.

Financial Calculators

Retirement Savings

This calculator estimates the growth of your retirement savings and calculates how long your savings will last based on your forecast of retirement expenses and income.

College Savings

This calculator projects the future cost of college and illustrates how your savings, if any, match up for each year of college.

Mortgage Payoff

Before buying a home, it’s likely that many questions will arise, particularly in regard to financing. This calculator can help you answer those questions.

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