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Jackson Wilcox, CPA

Registered Planning Professional, RJFS

Jackson Wilcox studied finance and accounting at a small private college in rural Indiana. He began his career at a small tax firm in the Colorado Rockies, serving small businesses. Recently, he relocated to Franklin, Tennessee, to join Southwestern Investment Group’s Deering Wealth Team and pursue his passion for helping individual clients succeed financially.

Jackson’s role is to support the delivery of comprehensive financial planning to the families and individuals served by the Deering Wealth Team. His daily responsibilities include meeting preparation, meeting follow-up, insurance processing, and account balance management. He also helps clients with tax forms, IRA contributions, or required minimum distributions.

Jackson views the financial planning profession as uniquely positioned to provide value and peace of mind to clients. He is in the process of expanding his professional qualifications by studying to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

The united pursuit of serving clients with excellence makes it a privilege for Jackson to be an associate. He appreciates the professionalism and camaraderie of Southwestern Investment Group. He also enjoys working with his specific team and the relaxed office atmosphere.

Outside the office, Jackson enjoys exploring the Franklin area with his college sweetheart and wife, Molly. He enjoys staying active through biking, hiking, and playing frisbee. Jackson and his wife are also active members of and volunteers with their local church.

Neither Raymond James Financial Services nor any Raymond James Financial Advisor renders advice on tax issues, these matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional.

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